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From "David Durst" <>
Subject Re: SV: Can´t access Tomcat from outside router, help !
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 08:54:48 GMT
> I have registered a dynamic dns (like, but this is not of
> value in this case since I use the ip to when testing.
> The router is a D-link 804, which I have configured with open ports on
> 22, 80 and 8080. And I have also enabled port-forwarding on these port
> to the proper computer on the lan.
> The computer hosting apache and tomcat is running linux mandrake.
> If I portscan this machine from another computer on the lan I can see
> that port 22, 80 and 8080 (and some other ports) are open.
> If I portscan my public ip from outside (ie the internet) I can only see
> port 22 and 80 (not 8080 even though I have opened the port in the
> router and anabled port forwarding).
> If I try to connect to apache and tomcat from the lan it works fine, I
> get a repsonse from both services. If I try to connect to them from the
> internet I only get a response from apache, nothing from tomcat, and
> nothing shows up the the tomcat logs.
> /D

It honestly sounds like a routing issue.
Double check your configuration on the router.
Oooh and what version of tomcat are you using???
Check the config file to MAKE SURE tomcat is running on port 8080.
I had a simular issue when using tomcat 4.0 they had distributed
tomcat w/ a config that ran on 8180 so you might want to check that :).

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