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From Jeff Ousley <>
Subject placement of 3rd party class files
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 18:28:32 GMT

Forgive my ignorance as I try to grasp the concepts
involved in using tomcat. I'm still learning.

My web application uses several beans which use 3rd
party classes bundled in .jar files. Where should I
place these? After reading the class loader doc, I'm
still not clear? They will only be used by this

First of all, when I compile my beans, javac needs to
know where these .jar files reside. Secondly, when my
.jsp page runs that uses the beans that use these 3rd
part classes, the .jar files need to be found.

So, what is the proper place to store these .jar files
& how do I set the classpath so they can be found? I
aplogize for the many questions.


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