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From Frederic Bitsch <>
Subject Jasper - classpath problem
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 11:11:51 GMT
i'm using the jasper engine within the jetty server where i have a webapp including
servlets and JSP. this usually works just fine. now i changed my app to be deployed 
via web start and created a custom classloader. the way my app is startet can be 
described like this:
1) extract/copy jar files to let's D:/myapp/lib
2) load the main class of my app from the jars in D:/myapp/lib.
3) this app starts my server including the jasper engine.

when i run my JSP now they seem to get compiled into servlets but the class-file
generation fails because all the packages it's using (e.g. javax.servlet) cannot
be found. is there a way to tell jasper where to look ?
i don't want to place them into the webapp/WEB-INF/classes because i'm using
some classes that must not be loaded twice (there are static members that
should be shared between the JSP's and the main application).

can anybody help me out ?? thank in advance.
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