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From Jeffery Cann <>
Subject Enable Apache auto configure in Tomcat 4.1?
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 07:41:50 GMT

I am struggling to understand how to set up my server.xml for Tomcat 4.1.x to 
build Apache configuration files for mod_jk automatically.

Under 'Using Tomcat auto-configure', the JK Apache How To
 <> reads:

"The simplest way to configure Apache to use mod_jk is to turn on the Apache 
auto-configure setting in Tomcat and put the following include directive at 
the end of your Apache httpd.conf file (make sure you replace TOMCAT_HOME 
with the correct path for your Tomcat installation:

To be added at the end of your httpd.conf
Include /var/tomcat3/conf/jk/mod_jk.conf-auto

This will tell Apache to use directives in the mod_jk.conf-auto file in the 
Apache configuration. This file is created by enabling the Apache 
auto-configuration as described in the Tomcat documentation. "

Two problems with this statement:  1)  My tomcat installation is not producing 
a mod_jk.conf-auto file because 2) the server.xml file is not enabled for 

Unfortunately, the 'Tomcat Documentation' I could find for mod_jk seems to be 
relevant to Tomcat 3.3.  The 'Enabling Tomcat's Apache Auto-Config' section, 
published at:

"To configure Tomcat to generate the Apache auto-configuration add the 
following block to your TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml file after <AutoWebApp 
... />.

<ApacheConfig />

That's it, you can now start Tomcat and Apache and access Tomcat from the 
Apache server. "

My tomcat 4.1 server.xml does not contain an AutoWebApp tag.  The server.xml 
does not contain a DTD or XML schema so I can look up to see what the tag is 
supposed to be.  In addition, the only documentation in the server.xml file 
pertains to the (not working) mod_webapp connector.

So, can anyone please explain how I can enable apache auto-configure within my 
Tomcat 4.1 server.xml file?  I appreciate any suggestions.

Jeffery Cann

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