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From Paul Yunusov <>
Subject Re: Basic questions
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 20:43:10 GMT
On Saturday 11 January 2003 03:34 pm, Denise Mangano wrote:
> Hey all :)
> Throughout my learning experience with Tomcat, I have gotten curious about
> the following things.  This is mostly just for informational purposes.
> Inquiring minds want to know ; )
> #1:  Is it possible to set Tomcat to restart (as user tomcat) on a
> schedule?
> #2:  Is there anyway to set something up that if a user attempts to access
> my app within a specific time frame they are redirected to a different
> page. For example, when my user accesses my webapp they go to
> and they are brought to index.jsp page.  However,
> if the same exact URL is accessed within a specific time frame, they would
> be brought to index2.jsp.
> Thanks!
> Denise


#1: It's OS-specific, and you can do it in a few ways, from writing a shell 
script to developing a native application. If you use UNIX, try man crond at 
the prompt.

#2: Have a Controller servlet that will forward (RequestDispatcher comes to 
mind) to different JSPs based on any criteria including time. Ah, the 
advantages of Model 2...


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