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From Rasputin <>
Subject Re: RPMs
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 18:55:24 GMT
* Kevin Wilson <> [0134 17:34]:
> If you have a Linux box and like to keep your installed programs nice and
> tidy using the RPM program then rpms are essential unless there is another
> program used for managing installation of program from tar/tgz/tar.gz
> archives? 
> I run SuSE v8.0 & 8.1 and there was a kb article that said to use a program
> called /sbin/installpkg for installing ".tgz" packages but I have never seen
> this nor am I sure that "tar.gz" is the same as ".tgz"
> Guidance?

tgz == tar.gz == tarball.
You just extract them and everything you need is there. You get on with your life.

For a taste of how much saner than RPM things can get, I recommend the Penguinistas among
you try something like gentoo, or another Linux software system which is based on *BSD packages.

You get all the ease of admin and version control, without the horrors of updating
(say) Mozilla and finding it's been compiled against slightly differnet versions of your
libraries, so having to download 12 new RPMs for those libraries, which in turn breaks 
dependencies on other packages which need those libraries... rinse, repeat.
Try doing that for libraries that RPM itself depends on, or libc, for example.
Fun for all the family.

How we laughed when RedHat released the new version of rpm, and the
rpm of, uh, rpm was released in the *new* format.

Which made it impossible to install, unless you'd already installed it. Nice.
I haven't used Linux since, and still have bad dreams about it.

I hear Suse is less horrible, but then I hear a lot of things...

Rasputin :: Jack of All Trades - Master of Nuns

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