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From "SebastiĆ£o Carlos Santos" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat and Apache
Date Sun, 05 Jan 2003 16:51:49 GMT
The configuration of the virtual host in the Apache is striped below, in extracted fragment
of the file httpd.conf:

    DocumentRoot /web/admged
    ErrorLog /web/admged/log/apache_error_log
    CustomLog /web/admged/log/apache_access_log
    JkMount /test ajp13
    JkMount /test/* ajp13

Since then they follow my questions, I have faith that even certain point, very basic:  

1 - I have the configuration of the virtual host in the Apache. Is it necessary
to do the configuration of the virtual host in the file of configuration
of Tomcat, and will I use the two (Apache + Tomcat) in an integrated way?

2 - Below it is the listing of my tree of directories that will store the test pages. I want
that all my files jsp under / web/admged are interpreted as files jsp by the server. Like
this being, as it should be my JKMount in the Apache?

admged@admged:~ > tree /web/
|   `-- classes
`-- admged
    |-- WEB-INF
    |   `-- classes
    |-- index.jsp
    `-- log
        |-- apache_access_log
        `-- apache_error_log

6 directories, 3 files

If they could send in some way some example file or a documentation that it shows in a clear
way as proceeding with the configuration I will be very thankful.
I thank the released help once again.

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