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From shawn <>
Subject DBCP leak ?
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 01:35:30 GMT
As noted in Tomcat docs,

A web application has to explicetely close ResultSet's, Statement's, and

I am using a web app that opens a ResultSet locally (in a method) but it
never gets closed (gc'd sometime I presume).

Under Oracle, a user is hitting the maximum number of Oracle process and
I presume it is a leak.

Three questions.

1) must a local ResultSet be explicitely closed to avoid a leak

2) if I use,             <parameter>

to log the stack trace, where is that log?  Under logs in the usual place for that context.
I have to tell someone else where to find the log otherwise would just look for it myself
(ie I'm not running Oracle).

3) If only Oracle shows this behavior what could account for that?  Diff jvm?  (just curious)



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