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From Felipe Schnack <>
Subject Re: Tag object reuse (pooling) in jsp 2.0?
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 12:02:38 GMT
> The current wisdom on object pooling is "don't do it", with the
> exception of expensive objects like database connections, etc.  Right
> now, jsp uses object pooling of tag objects, in theory to attain higher
> performance.  This might have made sense back in the old days, but now
> must Tag objects are very simple with only a few fields, and can be
> created and GCed very efficiently.  Is tag object pooling going to go
> away with jsp 2.0?
  I don't know, to me seems a good idea to pool tag instances. For people
like me, that don't write a single line os scriptlet code, millions of tags 
are created and destroyed... seems to me that we are freeing a lot of
work from gc... gc is a resource intensive process.

> Right now, tags have to be written in
> such a way that they do their own cleanup.  The second reason is that
> tags should have all their fields set in the constructor, perhaps using
> a Map as an argument.  This seems strange but has the advantage that the
> tag object can then be made immutable, which has a large set of
> benefits.
  Hm... I don't know, but the way tags receive their fields now (getters and
setters) is good for me. Receiving lots of attributes in a Map don't look
clean for me... much like get an array of objects, who will know what
he/she will find in each index? 
  Your idea is to have field name as the keys in the map? 

Felipe Schnack
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