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From Bill <>
Subject RE: Can you set a webapp as Tomcat's default page?
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 14:10:10 GMT

> I think you'd specify a path that maps to the servlet.

I'm sorry I dont follow.

> But I don't think this is really what you want, either.  Specifying it
> as welcome page means that it will only be served as the default page
> for the directory.  You said all requests.  But you can't really mean
> *all* requests.
> What it sounds like you want is a servlet to intercept all requests;
> ensure that the user is logged in; if so, continue to the requested URL;
> if not, redirect to the login page.  Is this correct?

Here is what I what I want.  I have a single webapp that I built using
the TDK.  I want that application to be the page that is seen if someone
visits instead of having to specify the full url
of the application ( ).  At
this time, nothing but this application is to be served from this box. 
I realize I'm not getting much from Apache but I need mod_rewrite to do
some url manipulation, otherwise I would just run tomcat standalone.

> In that case, you should probably use a filter rather than a servlet.
> But if you have images on your login page, then you'll have problems.
> If all of your images are in a separate directory, then you could make
> your authentication filter pass through requests to the image directory
> without checking for a login.

I'm looking at filters.  


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