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From Bill <>
Subject RE: Can you set a webapp as Tomcat's default page?
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 16:15:15 GMT development...adding the * to the JkMount directive now allows
the login page to render without any of its images.  At least its
progress right! :)

Funny thing is my first attempt at this, I did have '/*' as the mount
point but that didnt work.  

I'm pretty sure this is because I defined my servlet as the default
servlet so there is no longer a servlet responsible for serving the
images?  Does this sound about right?

I guess what I need is this then:

1) 'JkMount /* ajp13' in webserver config
2) leave the default servlet definition alone
3) set the root context to my app's docBase
4) set a welcome-file for the webapp that points to my servlet?

I'm assuming setting a welcome-file to point to a servlet is as easy as
specifying the full servlet name?  

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