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From Ben Ricker <>
Subject RE: is this normal??
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 17:56:07 GMT
There is probably a problem going on there. I find it strange that you
have so much cumulative CPU time on the httpd processes. To me, they
look hung (in so far as I can tell). Since most apps are transactional
in nature (i.e., individual requests being fulfilled rather quickly),
you would expect to see the Apache processes using CPU, then giving it
up rather quickly. Of course, other httpd processes will also pop in and
out of CPU usage as individual requests pop in.

How long has this Apache/Tomcat been running? You might try a restart of
both and see if the same behavior comes right back or if it takes time.
You may have an issue in the app which is triggering a hang.

Of course, on a "pretty busy web server", you may get such cumulative
times, but you should still see httpd processes popping in and out of
CPU usage as they handle their respective requests. If the same PIDs sit
there pegging the CPU incessently, you most likely have an issue.


Ben Ricker

On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 11:37, Randy Paries wrote:
> I have a pretty busy web server
> It has apache and tomcat
> What I am trying to find out if I have a problem or not
> I am linux guy but not at the tuning level
> When I do a top I get: These top 4 are always at the top
> 29616 apache    25   0 87368  78M 14256 R    46.8  7.8 388:13 java
>  2290 apache    25   0 87368  78M 14256 R    45.0  7.8 386:14 java
>   460 apache    24   0  6612 5112  4696 R    44.2  0.4 357:51 httpd
>  2180 apache    25   0  6656 5176  4696 R    39.9  0.5 359:28 httpd
> What makes me suspicious is that it is only after some time.
> When I do a sar, I have no idle time on the CPU
> I realize that this may be a linux or apache question, but I think it
> has to do with tomcat as well
> Thanks for any help
> Randy
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Ben Ricker <>

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