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From "Manavendra Gupta" <>
Subject Common problems faced with tomcat configuration
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 00:46:52 GMT

In the past several months that I have been in the list, I have seen the
following problems faced commonly by the users (new or old):

1. Configuring DataSource with tomcat
2. Configuring tomcat to run with apache (using AJP or JK2)

I would like to know if there is anything being done to make it easier for
the new users to get around these bottlenecks. Also, I am sure there are a
number of experienced users on this list who have successfully done the two
things above, and I would request them to post the steps for a successful
configuration. We can then collaborate and post a better documentation to
configure these.

Finally, I would also like other users to contribute to this (small) list
above, the problems they think have been faced commonly and repititively by
tomcat users, so that we can strengthen the documentation for those too.


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