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From "Claus Bitten" <>
Subject Re: Any data from ORACLE, please help..
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:44:19 GMT
From: <>
Subject: Any data from ORACLE, please help..

>It cannot be true. I need help!
>I have Oracle 8.7.1, tomcat 4.0.6, cocoon 2.0.4, windows2000, solaris.
>If i run tomcat on Oracle Server(win2000), everything works successfully,
>but if i run Tomcat on another server(windows or solaris), 
>Tomcat dont't get any data from Oracle Server.
>Why? If i run some application how TOAD on different Servers - it works, but
>Tomcat not. I write small Java-proram, it make connection to oracle and
>runs a stored procedure - it works! Tomcat and this program use one
>What is wrong?
>Please, any ideas..
>Configuration in Tomcat:
>  <datasources>
>    <jdbc name="mydb">
>      <auto-commit>false</auto-commit>
>      <pool-controller min="5" max="10"/>
>      <dburl>jdbc:oracle:thin:@sv000111:1521:mydb</dburl>
>      <user>dbo</user>
>      <password>xxx-xxx</password>
>    </jdbc>
>  </datasources>


a) are you shure that tomcat uses the jdbc driver?
Where have you placed it ... JAKARTA_HOME/libs or in webapps? Does the catalina output says
it has yound/deplyoed the jar-File? And have you renamed to classes12.jar?

b) If a) is not the problem, what does the oracle listener output reports
when the tomcat app tries to connect?
Maybe it is a oracle naming problem.

Claus Bitten

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