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From "Jonathan Villa" <>
Subject Document Root
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 15:57:42 GMT
I just started messing around with Tomcat and would like to know if I
can change the Document Root to a location which I prefer. For example,
my machine (windows) has 2 partitions, c: and d:.  C is where I store my
program files, including Apache, Netbeans, Tomcat, etc.  And D is where
I have source code files which run under Apache. In my httpd.conf file I
have DocumentRoot "d:/is/clients/".

Now what makes this a Tomcat question is that I would like to have
d:/is/java (notice that it's not under my apache docroot) as my
directory for my java source code, so how can I do it.

Foolish question but need clarification.
What are the differences between c:/tomcat/work/standalone/localhost and
c:/tomcat/webapps.  For example where do I put my code?!?  I am
wondering because the docs say c:/tomcat/webapps, but yet when I hit
localhost/examples/... it goes to c:/tomcat/work/standalone/localhost.

Hope I make sense.

Jonathan Villa
Application Developer
IS Design & Development

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