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From "Jim Henderson" <>
Subject Configuration Variables
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:39:09 GMT

I can not seem to find this in my books, can someone explain this?

What WAR file web.xml parameter can be used to pass application wide (not
just a single Servlet or JSP) configuration data to JSP/Servlet that also is
adjustable from Tomcat-Administrator control page, and what Java methods
(xxx.getYyyy("parmName")) do I use to access the data given the parameter
name?  I would like to access the parameter from the program at any time,
and not just when the Servlet is loaded (init time).

I wish the O'Reilly book clearly explained the relationships of the Java
accessor methods, the web.xml parameters, and the Tomcat Admin options.  I
seem to have gone round and round with this and now I'm lost.


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