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From "Hari" <>
Subject Accessing Secured Site from within Tomcat.
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 09:11:05 GMT
Hi Everyone!


I have a problems with Tomcat (4.0.4) while accessing a secured site from
inside a JSP or Servlet.  Please find the code (JSP) below.  However, when I
execute the code as a standalone Java Program, I get the expected result.
But inside Tomcat, I get "unknown protocol: https" error.

1. I put the three jar files in common/lib folder of Tocmat.
2. I added the security provider. (
3. Set the required System properties.

I expect you'll help me to get out this problem.

Thanks and Regards,


PS: Kindly CC me ( in your replies as I'm not the
subscriber to either list.

Here is the Stack Trace:
*----------------------* unknown protocol: https
	at org.apache.jsp.https$jsp._jspService(https$
	at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service(
	at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(

Here is the (simple) JSP code I use:
<%@ page language="java"
import="java.lang.*,*,java.util.*,HTTPClient.*" %>
      System.getProperties().put( "java.protocol.handler.pkgs",
      System.getProperties().put( "",
	System.getProperties().put( "",
	System.getProperties().put( "",

	URL url = new URL( "https://prasanna/getProperties");
	HTTPConnection con = new HTTPConnection( url);
	HTTPResponse   rsp = con.Get( "/getProperties");
	System.err.println( "Received Code: " + rsp.getStatusCode());
	System.err.println( "Received Message: "+rsp.getReasonLine());
      String data = rsp.getText();
      System.err.println( data);
<%= data %>

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