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From Mike DiChiappari <>
Subject RE: I don´t understand the objective of this open list !
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 01:37:15 GMT
>was a private message for the developers.  It seemed to be a blanket
>complaint from an apparently annoyed person.
>>  I have been disappointed and frustrated by the **** that
>>  is called documentation.  I stopped trying to get tomcat
>>  to work properly over a year ago.  Recently I looked into
>>  it again, and noticed little to no improvement.
>So what problems are YOU having?

I give a sample configuration of tomcat in my response to Peng.

>>  I rate software on three important criteria: does it do what it is
>>  intended, can it be used easily, and is it maintainable.
>I could show you messages from me over the past however long I have been on
>the 'net where I express a view that most Open Source projects are written
>by the cognoscenti for the cognoscenti with little concern for real people.
>Most of them get to a point where they satisfy the parochial needs of their
>developers, and then stagnate.
>Tomcat is not such a project.  It is the reference platform for key Java
>technologies.  As such, perhaps the developers are prioritized more towards
>developing a technical reference than end-user supporting documentation.

Then I may have made an error.  I have been telling my business 
associates that tomcat is NOT a viable commercial server.  They 
recently said I was wrong.  In looking through the Jakarta web site I 
believe I saw the term "commercial quality" in regards to Tomcat.

Are you saying that for commercial applications, Tomcat should not be 


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