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From Mike DiChiappari <>
Subject Re: I don´t understand the objective of this open list !
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 01:31:07 GMT
>The documentation sure does need some work in certain areas, but it 
>is hardly in the sad state that you claim it is in.

Okay, let me give a specific example.  I will describe to you a 
likely standard configuration for a server that would be used in a 
typical commercial setting.  Prove tomcat can handle this.  Prove the 
documentation is available in normal English.  I will also show you 
absolute geek-speak in the documentation.

Typical Server Configuration: tomcat serving pages through apache on 
port 80 for multiple (virtual) web sites on one web server.  How many 
out there have this?  Yes, you can get tomcat up and running on port 
8080 very quickly.  How often do you commerical software developers 
type when visiting commercial 

Problems with the "documentation" (using the term liberally in this case):

1) First, no where on Jakarta's main site is it mentioned that some 
type of connector is needed to have tomcat serve page through Apache. 
I believe the connectors go by several names (mod_jk, mod_jk2, 
mod_webapp, and Catalina being some).  None of these are mentioned or 
are listed (there are certainly no links).

2) Lets say one wants to use a relatively new version of software - 
say Apache 2.0 with mod_jk2.  There is some nice background info on 
mod_jk2 at:

Reading through that and links on that page is of little help. 
However, there appear to be other useful links on that page.

Configuration info for mod_jk2 is at:

This is in the second paragraph, "There is no need to use the jkjni 
logic to use normal socket".  Why would one care about "jkjni"?  How 
the hell is this even relevant to anything?

Now I could go on and on.  But what is the point.  It is just more 
geek speak.  And I haven't even gotten to other situations: running 
multiple instance of tomcat, having tomcat run on a different server, 
clustering, etc...

Why waste my time.  I'll vote with my feet and use something else. 
If developers aren't interested in making their software usable by 
writing clear documentation, I won't use it.


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