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From Mike DiChiappari <>
Subject RE: I don´t understand the objective of this open list !
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 22:04:50 GMT
You're correct.  There is lots of documentation out there. 
Unfortunately, it belongs with most things that are open sourse - in 
the trash.  Jakarata/tomcat is particularly bad.  The people that 
manage it should be ashamed of themselves (I hope they are not 
building software I have to rely on in life and death situations).


>I disagree.  There's lots of documentation out there.
>It's just not blasted into peoples' faces, nor is it bound into a nice
>little book and shrinkwrapped.  You have to go find it, and you have to read
>it.  Most people are too lazy to do either, they want everything handed to

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