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From "Ricky Leung" <>
Subject RE: tomcat,mod_jk & loadbalancing
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 05:57:24 GMT
> - if 1.2.0 doesn't use socket_timeout could I use cache_timeout ?

I think this is best used with web servers with threading models.  If you
are using apache2.x, then yes, use it, but if you are using apache1.3.x,
then this doesn't help.

> Could you give me an entry point to the mod_jk sources?

click on the src link.

> - Another idea: We are operating a newspaper website, and
> offering our users
> to log into our system to get additional services.
> Of course most people won't log in because they just want to read
> the news.

Depending on how you code your application you will configure accordingly.
Are you using encodeURL()?  If not, your users are probably bouncing around
with each click even when they are not logged in.  In my opinion, you should
really maintain a session for each user whether they login or not.  This
way, they won't be connecting to a new Tomcat thread with each click.  You
can set the default session to expire in 3 mins or some other short time in
web.xml.  Then for those who logins, the web application expires in much
longer period.  There were just posts covering this topic.  This should
decrease your Tomcat threads.

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