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From "Schnitzer, Jeff" <>
Subject RE: Struts - XML/XSL
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 05:09:30 GMT
Take a look at the Maverick MVC framework (  It is Struts-like
in concept, but you can run any model through an arbitrary pipeline of XSLT (and several other)
transformations in Cocoon-like fashion.  The pipeline will be efficiently connected with SAX
events if appropriate.  As an example, you can easily run your model through an XSLT transformation
and then through a FOP transformation to send PDF back to the client.

Using the optional Domify module, you don't even need JSP to generate the XML in the first
place.  The Domify adapter uses reflection to create a lazily-loaded DOM fa├žade of your model
directly.  This is much more efficient than generating and parsing text XML.

Try it out :-)

Jeff Schnitzer

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Puneet Agarwal []
> Sent: Friday, December 27, 2002 11:16 AM
> To:
> Subject: Struts - XML/XSL
> I know that this topic has been dicsussed in this forum a number
> of times.
> I came to know this from mail archives, but my question still
> remains unanswered.
> In our application we have to generate some XML documents apart
>  from HTML screens.
> The intent here is to send these XML documents to a Swing client
> through a socket.
> there is also a possibility that some of the screens may be
> required in both HTML and Swing.
> I have been searching for information on this for past few days.
> one of the nice option that I cam acorss is described on URL
> while going through the struts mail archives, I came acorss a mail
> written by Craig on 06/12/2000
> the mail can be accessed on link
> s-dev
> Here Craig talks about developing some facility within struts
> which could do the same.
> Does struts have such a facility.
> Would be grateful if someone cuold give some tips/links, which
> could help me in deciding as what is the best option.
> Regards
> Puneet Agarwal
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