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From Reynir Hübner <>
Subject RE: need request lifecycle diagram
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2002 18:58:37 GMT
Hi aaron, 

To answer your questions directly, I don't know if a diagram as you want exists, but yes it's
a good idea. 
In my understanding the row is like this : 

1. HTTP service receives the request. 
2. If an authentication valve is set to handle the authentication it will happen next, as
it is a part of the HTTP.
3. Valves are before filters. Logging, etc before filters. 
4. Filters can run before servlets/jsps.  
5. Servlets and JSPs (sometimes using jsp-tags) create the response. 
6. Filters can run after servlets/jsps. 
7. The response is sent back to the http client that made the request.

Listeners, are a different thing. These are made so that you have an event when something
happenes in the servlet context or sessions.
You can implement a listener if you want to for example do something when a servlet context
is created, or an attribute is inserted into the servlet context (ServletContextListener).
The other listeners are made for similar things. 

The authentication can differ between HTTP servers/clients, for example the IIS Windows Intergrated
Authentication is not request based authentication but a connection based, using some magick
to make that happen. 

Hope this helps, 

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> From: AAron nAAs [] 
> Sent: 30. nóvember 2002 16:14
> To:
> Subject: need request lifecycle diagram
> Does anyone know of a good request lifecycle diagram showing 
> all the steps 
> in satisfying a Java Server request?
> I'd like to see the exact ordering of all the components that 
> a request goes 
> through such as Authentication, Filters, Listeners, Valves, 
> etc... Either a 
> vendor specific or a generic Java Server diagram would suffice.
> Everything I've found so far talks about one of these at a 
> time, so the big 
> picture is never revealed. I want to know, for instance, if 
> filters are 
> applied before or after authentication.
> Thanks,
> -AAron
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