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From "Turner, John" <>
Subject RE: HELP!! Tomcat crashes on me!
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 21:17:57 GMT

Hi Steve -

Many people have tried and tried and tried to help you get started
developing with Tomcat over the past several months.  Please understand that
it can be as frustrating for us as it is for you when many of us try our
best to help you only to find that it hasn't worked for whatever reason.

That said, you do not need to modify the path of the ROOT Context in
server.xml.  Just stick your JSP page in that directory and call it.  For
example, if Tomcat is installed in c:\tomcat, then you would put your JSP in


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Steve R Burrus []
> Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 3:59 PM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: HELP!! Tomcat crashes on me!
>  Micael, before I refer to my problem w. Tomcat NOT starting 
> the correct/right way
> for me, I MUST point out something about u (And I frankly 
> don't care at all if
> this observation of you gets my emails in the future filtered 
> out of your inbox or
> not!!) and that is that you are WAY TOO DAMNED ABRUPT and 
> almost demanding in the
> way that you seem to deal with everyone else in this 
> newsgroup of ours!!! I mean,
> in your last posting dealing with my problem, you had to say 
> that the problem was
> with the <Context> tag in the 
> C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.12\conf\server.xml file, and
> to CLOSE IT!!! Do you really have to be so damned demanding 
> of me?! I mean you
> don't even know me at all, so what gives you the right to 
> talk to me--or enyone
> else--like that???
>  With having said that, lemme say that I was just now in that 
> server.xml file,
> following up on the advice that a Bill Barker gave me, NOT 
> any advice from Micael,
> and I couldn't readily find at what place exactly in the file 
> I should do the
> editing to close the Context tag. There are 2 sections in it 
> that refer to a
> context tag, for the ROOT or for the EXAMPLES. I put the 
> context path in the ROOT
> section recently to try to view a JSP in my web browser, so 
> maybe I messed up
> things in the file by doing that, I don't know.
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