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From "Roberts, Eric" <>
Subject RE: Problems deploying servlet (expect web.xml is the problem)
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2002 11:41:01 GMT

The problem is with your web.xml - it occurs at line 105 column 11!

The error messages tell you that within the web-app element, only the following are allowed:

The question is "How did this run when deployed from the war-file? - Why does there appear
to be a difference between Tomcat unpacked dtd and Resin/Tomcat-war dtd?

-----Original Message-----
From: Lars Preben S. Arnesen []
Sent: Freitag, 20. Dezember 2002 10:59
Subject: Problems deploying servlet (expect web.xml is the problem)

I have developed a servlet that ran fine on Resin. It also seems to
work when deploying as a war-file. I'm trying to convert to Eclipse
and Tomcat, but I don't want to make war files during development.
Instead of using a war file I have the following entry in the
server.xml file:

<Context path="" docBase="/home/larsar/dev/src/feide-dev/w3ls/moria/src/webapp"
workDir="/home/larsar/dev/src/feide-dev/w3ls/moria/src/webapp/work/org/apache/jsp" />

The web.xml file is located in path/WEB-INF and so is the classes
directory with the compiled class files.

When I start Tomcat I get an exception (included below). I seems like
the problem is in the web.xml, but this works just fine when the
xml-file is included in a war-file. I removed almost all entries and
inserted one by one and when I added a filter, the error occured.

Any tips is appreciated.


Starting service Tomcat-Standalone
Apache Tomcat/4.1.12
6044 [main] ERROR digester.Digester  - Parse Error at line 105 column 11: The content of element
type "web-app" must match "(icon?,display-name?,description?,distributable?,context-param*,filter*,filter-mapping*,listener*,servlet*,servlet-mapping*,session-config?,mime-mapping*,welcome-file-list?,error-page*,taglib*,resource-env-ref*,resource-ref*,security-constraint*,login-config?,security-role*,env-entry*,ejb-ref*,ejb-local-ref*)".
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The content of element type "web-app" must match "(icon?,display-name?,description?,distributable?,context-param*,filter*,filter-mapping*,listener*,servlet*,servlet-mapping*,session-config?,mime-mapping*,welcome-file-list?,error-page*,taglib*,resource-env-ref*,resource-ref*,security-constraint*,login-config?,security-role*,env-entry*,ejb-ref*,ejb-local-ref*)".
	at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.createSAXParseException(
	at org.apache.xerces.util.ErrorHandlerWrapper.error(
	at org.apache.xerces.impl.XMLErrorReporter.reportError(

Lars Preben S. Arnesen

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