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From "Johnson, Garrett" <>
Subject Apache HTTPD 2.0 / Tomcat 4.1 Workflow?
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 16:18:44 GMT
I'm curious:

What is the workflow sequence when one has Apache and Tomcat running

Assuming an environment of:
Apache 2.0 (@ port 80)
Tomcat 4.1 (@ port 8080)
mod_jk 1.2 (ajp 1.3)
Win2K Pro

I understand that that Apache is listening at a particular location, (let's
assume for the purposes of this discussion that it's at port 80,) but after
it recieves the HTTP request, where does it send it?  Which lines in the
config of Apache and jk moderate which requests get intercepted and where
they go?

Once it gets sent off, who recieves the request at that point?  Tomcat?  JK?
If it's Tomcat, where does Tomcat recieve it, before or after _IT_ does it's
<servlet-mapping> directives?  I'm trying to _understand_ the workflow,
since most other cases just involve someone giving just a specific example
that doesn't necessarily cover all arbitrary cases.  What I'd really LOVE to
see is some sort of logical decision diagram, such as:

----------      ----------      --------      --------
|Apache  |      |JK      |      |Tomcat|      |Apache|
|Decision| ---> |Decision| ---> |Output| ---> |Output|
----------      ----------      --------      --------

Complete with diamond if-then-else decisions and references to what config
settings moderate each decision.

This is a bit much to ask, but I think if it _could_ be done, it'd be
super-useful, not just to me but to everyone using Apache, Tomcat, and

Thanks in advance...

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