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From "Johnson, Garrett" <>
Subject RE: Layout/setup for a
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 19:40:41 GMT

I just dealt with this same problem.  The problem is that the servlet
invoker class is disabled as of Tomcat 4.1.x by default.  You need to
specifically reference your servlet in your webapps/mywebapp/web.xml file,
with the following xml under the root element:

		<display-name>Whatever you feel like calling
		<servlet-class>servlet fully-qualified class

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From: Patrick Martz []
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 2:35 PM
Subject: Layout/setup for a

Hi all, 
please bear with me as I'm new to the whole web application thing. I
downloaded and installed Tomcat 4.1. After reading all the documentation
I could find, I tried to set it up so that I could run a small web-app, but
I simply
cannot seem to get the web page to access the java servlet.

The details:
I have created a project directory under the root tomcat/webapps directory.
Within that directory is an index.html (which I'm able to successfully
access by http://localhost:8080/myproject/index.html). In the myproject
I have created a "WEB-INF" subdirectory, and a "classes" subdirectory
under that where my servlet.class file resides. I have a web.xml file
in the WEB-INF directory which is essentially empty (doesn't list
any servlet classes).

No matter what link I've tried to put in my index.html to access the 
servlet.class, it always fails to find it. So my question is, what do I need
to do to make this work??? Do I need the servlet class defined in the
web.xml file? If so, how? And if I defined it, what is the relative path
the index.html that I need to include? Do I need to make some modifications
to the server.xml file as well? I have been working on this thing
for well over a day and I just can't seem to make it work (no matter how
many examples I mimic or documents I read). Help! :)


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