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From Denise Mangano <>
Subject RE: ROOT app new user question...
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2002 20:16:45 GMT
I may not be able to help but I am certainly going to try!! .. Starting to
feel like all I do is take in this list ;) 

Are you speaking of the index.jsp page?  The page that says If you are
seeing this page then you have installed Tomcat correctly?

If I understand what I've been learning myself, there is a directive in the
server.xml file that defines the Tomcat Server Root Context and defines the
docbase as "ROOT" telling Tomcat where the default directory is located
(within the webapps directory of course).  Now I suggest getting
verification from other people on this list first, but I imagine you can
change this?  Perhaps create a new folder on the same level as the current
ROOT folder, and make that folder the doc base? - Seems logical enough, but
then again  I am no pro

Being a newbie myself, the way I try it first (avoiding the risk of messing
anything up by changing the docbase), is to rename that index.jsp file to
something like index_admin.jsp.  Then upload the file I want as my default
webapp as index.jsp.  If I ever wanted to pull up that Tomcat page with the
links to the Manager and Admin, etc - I would just type in .

Hope that helps!!

Denise Mangano

-----Original Message-----
From: ajTreece [] 
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 12:03 PM
Subject: ROOT app new user question...

I'm new to Tomcat and was wondering how to accomplish this task...

When Tomcat is installed there is a ROOT webapp that has various links 
to Tomcat Manager, Admin, etc. I don't want to loose that webapp, but I 
would like to have a different webapp as the ROOT so that when a user 
goes to http://yada.yada/ my app will display instead.

I've looked at the default config files, but I'm just not seeing how to 
do it.

Thanks, ajTreece

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