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From Paul Campbell <>
Subject Solved: Develop App: Message says JAVA_HOME is not set
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2002 22:52:50 GMT
Like so problems, they seem so obvious when you
find the error of your ways.

I had changed the connector port from 8080 to 6060
in conf/server.xml but not in ant build.xml.

The manager was still trying to run the catalina-ant
commands list, install etc against an http-proxy
and not against tomcat. Changed the build.xml
and it worked fine.

At 01:06 AM 12/19/2002 -0800, you wrote:

>I'm stuck and have no more ideas of how to proceed.
>I am trying to run ant to list and install a web application
>using jdk 1.3.1_06, tomcat 4.1.17(not the jdk1.4 version),
>RH 8.0, Ant 1.5.1
>Used the Application Developer docs and set up
>the build.xml based on the example. 
>Ant was running previously, and installing
>but I upgraded tomcat and downgraded
>jdks. I have double checked the installation instructions.
>catalina-ant.jar is in $ANT_HOME/lib
>ant clean compile dist 
>runs fine.
>JAVA_HOME is set in my profile and I have verified
>by echo $JAVA_HOME. Initially, I had it set to a
>symbolic link /var/java but made it explicit with the same result
>The prolog output from ant is able to discern that 
>it is running 1.3.
>I was running Axis but I have pulled that
>project out of the CLASSPATH to get past this error.
>ant list   responds that JAVA_HOME is not set
>and throws an exception.
>[list] The JAVA_HOME environment variable is not set
>[list] This environment variable is needed to run this program.
>ant -diagnostics list shows 
>Odd  that ant -diagnostics says
>echo $JAVA_HOME is only /var/jdk1.3.1
>Why is it pointing to the jre?
>since it is trying to run catalina custom tasks (list, install, etc. )
>Just noticed this msg
>org.apache.env.Which diagnostics not available
>download from
>What is it looking for? I don't see Which or diagnostics
>or anything like that in commons. Is this a new requirement that
>isn't documented yet?
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