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From Eric Gilbertson <>
Subject TC memory consumption increases when -Xincgc is used?
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 18:34:12 GMT
Hello Tomcaters:

Has anyone encountered a problem with TC memory consumption growing
faster with incremental GC enabled? With the -Xincgc switch, memory consumption
not only grows faster on startup, but it never seems to go down 
significantly as it
does with normal GC. Under stress testing this results eventually in the 
OutOfMemory error. The weird thing  is that our other servers don't seem to 
this behavior. Another contributing factor to the memory consumption is 
whether TC
is invoked from the command line, or whether it is started via an NT 
service. I do see
faster memory consumption when starting via the CL with -Xincgc, but the
OutOfMemory exception occurs only with incgc *and* service invocation. The 
invocation includes no other switches that aren't used in the CL version. I 
did see a post
in the archives regarding memory problems when TC is invoked via a service 
but there
was no confirmation that this was a known problem. Suggestions as to how to 
start TC
via a service without incurring increased memory consumption are appreciated.

The operation environment is TC 4.01 with NT 2000/XP with precompiled JSPs.


Eric Gilbertson

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