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From Michael Stacey <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1.12/Apache and file downloads problem
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 16:41:40 GMT
We have a server that handles authentication and logging for client file
downloads.  Our clients are (charitably) less-than-knowledgable.  To allow
"save as" right click functionality, the url on the constructed links are
like this:

    http://host/app/servlet/Controller/ ....

where "" causes the save-as dialog to get the right
file name, and the query params are used to route through the server to
check authentication and log the download.  (I know, but I inherited it)

This works fine under Tomcat 3.*, but Tomcat 4.1.12 refuses to co-operate.
The download action is not called.  If the url is changed to

    http://host/app/servlet/Controller?a=dw& ....

it gets the file ok, but the filename in the save-as dialog is not set
correctly, and we could NEVER expect our clients to get that right.

         1. Am I missing something in the config of 4.* that's blocking this
         2. Is there another way to "force" the filename on the download 
output stream?

-- Michael 

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