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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: reducing tomcat & jasper memory footprint
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 20:40:14 GMT
Paul Yunusov wrote:
> On Monday 30 December 2002 02:37 pm, Julian Löffelhardt wrote:
>>I'm using Apache 1.3.26 and 3 tomcat 4.0.4 instances with AJP13 &
>>loadbalancing . Our application is a CMS where all the published articles
>>are generated offline as JSP-Files, one jsp per article.
>>We had hige problems with the memory footprint. Due to the fact that every
>>jsp is generated as a class and there are about 200 new artices per day the
>>permanent segment of the JVM heap gets filled with all the classes, and I
>>get an OutOfMemoryError. My workaround for now is setting -XX:PermSize and
>>--XX:MapPermSize to higher values, but this just delays application
>>With 64 megs of permSize our Server had an approx. uptime of 1 day now it's
>>about 3-4 days.
>>Is there any way to unload jsp-Files (unload the class) ?
> JAVAC leaks memory every time a JSP class is compiled. The more JSPs are 
> compiled or the more often JSP classes are compiled, the more memory is 
> leaked. You exacerbate this problem by generating a JSP per article often.
> IMHO, generating a JSP per article is misusing the technology. JSP is a 
> templating solution whereas one JSP describes a layout of any number of end 
> documents. I suggest you change your software to generate an HTML file per 
> artcile rather than a JSP.

Maybe it's abusing the technology, but it really should work fine.
Workarounds for the problem include using jikes, or using javac out of 
process (I don't quite remember how it is configured; since Jasper 2 
uses Ant javac task to compile, it should be in the Ant docs on the 
javac task).


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