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From "kruger.stephen" <>
Subject For anyone with unexplainable, unsolvable Tomcat problems (Win32)
Date Sat, 21 Dec 2002 13:39:44 GMT
Just a quick mail which might help some of you experiencing similar 
I just spent 3 days solid trying to debug a Servlet which incorporates 
Jini, into Tomcat 4.1.
Not to bug you with the specifics of Jini, but suffice it to say there 
is some real hairy stuf with classloaders, codebase, rmiregistry etc etc..
I kept getting a ridiculously vague "Socket exception : Client closed 
connection" when trying to register a Jini listener.
I finally solved my problem by re-installing Tomcat in a directory 
containing no spaces. Someone, somewhere, used the absolute directory 
path to contruct a URL, and I guess this came from CATALINA_HOME or 
CATALINA_BASE, and since it wasn't properly urlencoded, it fails.
The failure gives NO hint whatsoever of where, why the problem occured, 
so my advice is, if yo're having unexplained problems,just TRY it.
Beware, it's not only the "Program Files" with an offending space, some 
genius at Apache decided to use "Tomcat 4.1" as well. At least the Unix
package was created with a bit more sense.
All problems were solved simply by re-installing to a directory path 
without any spaces.

Hope this helps some of you.
Others, if yo're interested, I can send you the old stack traces, but
they're really vague.


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