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From Milo Hyson <>
Subject How does Ant find org.apache.catalina.ant.InstallTask???
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 01:01:35 GMT
I just installed a new Tomcat development workstation and I'm getting 
the following error whenever I run ant:

taskdef class org.apache.catalina.ant.InstallTask cannot be found

Looking through the setup (and build.xml file), this seems to be a valid 
error as the location of that class 
($CATALINA_HOME/server/lib/catalina-ant.jar) isn't specified anywhere. 
However, the app builds just fine on an identically configured workstation.

I figure I must have missed a step somewhere when installing the new 
machine. I've gone over and over the installation instructions for both 
Ant and Tomcat. I can't find anything I've missed. Based on all of the 
instructions on the Tomcat website, and using the example build.xml 
file, it shouldn't work at all. The location of the taskdef'd classes is 
never specified anywhere.

Anybody have any insights?

Milo Hyson
CyberLife Labs

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