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From Joseph Shraibman <>
Subject How to build jk2?
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 01:16:32 GMT
On it talks about 
configure scripts, but the actual source I downloaded from doesn't

have configure scripts. It does have README.txt that says:

* Copy to

* Edit to taste. In particular it's important to set
the paths to tomcat and apache.

But when I do that I get:

      [echo] -------- jakarta-tomcat-connectors --------

     [mkdir] Created dir: 
     [mkdir] Created dir: 
     [mkdir] Created dir: 
     [mkdir] Created dir: 
      [copy] Copying 8 files to 

Warning: Could not find file 


Total time: 5 seconds

This source package doesn't seem to be release quality. The README.txt has:
Setting tomcat 4.1

Restart tomcat.

( XXX this is not completely implemented. For now we'll use the same
mechanism as in 4.0 - i.e. add <Connector> in server.xml.  )

Configuring JK1

Configuring JK2

and the has:

# If you want to build/install on  both 4.0
# and 4.1, set this to point to 4.0 and 'catalina.home'
# to point to 4.0
# ( most people need only the first, but developers should
# have both )

So how do I get a connector?  Does 2.0.1 work?  Should I just use jk?

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