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From Jeanfrancois Arcand <>
Subject Re: The future of Tomcat and java.nio
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 17:25:31 GMT
The Servlet 2.4 (Tomcat 5) spec clearly say that we have to support JDK 
1.3...That's one of the reason why nio is not used. Once 1.4 will be 
required, then we will evaluate the possibility of using nio....Get 
ready to submit patches at that time :-)

-- Jeanfrancois

Joe Tomcat wrote:

>It seems like Java 1.4's NIO package offers some very high-performance
>IO capabilities, such as select loops, which could allow Java to serve
>static content as fast as Apache can.  Will Tomcat be going in the
>direction of using a NIO-based connector that might incorporate these
>high-performance features?
>I'm curious and hoping to hear what the deverlopers' thoughts are on
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