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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Re: Custom Valves and Administration Tool
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 02:17:53 GMT
Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

First of all as there's been so much beating on the Tomcat developers
I'd like to offer my whole-hearted congratulations to each and every
one of you.  You've done a great job, and what's more, in spite of
the (unwarranted) vitriol that is spewed in your direction, you keep
coming back for more.  You guys and gals are legends.

Secondly, the community here is fantastic and the way that users came
to the "defense" of the Tomcat team was phenomenal.  Good work one and
all.  As an author involved in a similar effort (
there are very few people who take the time to say "Thanks", but the
effect on the developers morale is worth it.

Remember everybody on the list, that's all they get paid in, and it
doesn't cost anything to say it....

Now, if you don't mind, I've got just one more question ;-)....

> On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Jon Eaves wrote:
>>I was hoping to manage the valves via the Administration tool.
>>Q1. Is this possible ?
> Yes, with some work.

Aha.  I was hoping this wasn't going to be the answer.  Oh well.

[ snip ]

If this is the case, why does the code for the Valve recommend
implementing the Lifecycle interface ? What was the design reason
for that ?h

Additionally, why does the MBeans server barf when loading custom
beans without the mbeans-descriptor.xml file ? Is this due to the
Lifecycle interface being implemented, or just purely because of
the Valve definition in server.xml it is expecting to find a bean
that it can manage.

The reason I ask is because it seems bit of dicking around just to
implement a new Valve.  Writing the code took about 2 hours, it
then took 2 days to get the exception stuff sorted out.

What is the additional information used for ? And was there a better
(read simpler and less mucking around) way to solve my "get rid of
the exception" than addition of the descriptor, or is that required
for all additional components in Tomcat ?

	-- jon

Jon Eaves <>

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