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From ContestAdmin <>
Subject Re: I don´t understand the objective of thisopen list !
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:22:50 GMT
Dave Sill wrote:

> Mark <> writes:
> > Our company has a very young, inexperienced appserver administrator
> > who had Tomcat up an running in a matter of minutes (literally)
> > without a CD library of professionally drafted set of documentation.
> With an Apache connector? Running as a nonprivileged user and/or
> chrooted?
> > Instead of complaining, why not post the specific nature of your
> > problems and let people here help you?
> I'm not complaining, and I did exactly that. Know what response I got?
> Nothing. Not one reply. No requests for more info, no flames, no
> "outta work"'s, ... nothing. See:
> I know I'm not entitled to a response, but when the documention fails
> and only other support channel available fails, it's frustrating.
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If the socked file does not exist perhaps the user running tomcat could
not create it (of course if you are running as root this is moot).

I'm sorry I can't help more, I have not started on mod_jk2 yet.

If I do get it setup I'll give you more help.

(right now it does not compile for me and because I have a working
tomcat install and lots of other 'more important' things to do I must
leave it be).


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