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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Re: Custom Valve
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 04:54:16 GMT

Two words: You legend !

>>1.  Can I prevent the exception, and if so how ?
> You can create your own mbeans-descriptor file, package it in the jar with
> your Valve, and set the
> descriptors="/com/myfirm/mypackage/mbeans-descriptor.xml" attribute on the
> ServerLifecycleListener element in server.xml.

Thanks, I didn't think to look for additional attributes here.

>>2.  Can I implement "something" to allow the Valve to be configured
>>     using the GUI, and if so what ?
>>3.  Is this just an error with TC 4.1.12 and is fixed in 4.1.16 ??
> In 4.1.12, your Valve has to extend o.a.c.valves.ValveBase to work with the
> admin app.  In 4.1.16 this has been relaxed to only requiring that it
> implements o.a.c.Contained.

I saw this in the CVS log entries and realised that I was on the
right track, but didn't quite know exactly what to do with that

	-- jon

Jon Eaves <>

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