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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Custom Valve
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 03:31:59 GMT
Hi all,

I've implemented a custom Valve which wasn't a major effort,
but would like to try and resolve some strange effects that
are part of the "standard" installation of Tomcat.

I'm using TC 4.1.12, JDK 1.3.1 (just for the record).

When using the custom Valve, (which also has a custom path,
not an org.apache.* path) I get the following exception on
start of Tomcat.

ServerLifecycleListener: createMBeans: MBeanException
java.lang.Exception: ManagedBean is not found with MyCustomValve

[ rest snipped ]

Now, I presume this is because my server.xml is including the
mbeans.ServerLifecycleListener as part of the configuration.

The code for various valves, and the ValveBase class recommends
implementing the Lifecycle interface, so clearly it should support

However, there doesn't seem to be able to be a way to include an
additional mbeans-descriptors.xml file so that the MBeanUtils doesn't
barf.  The Registry class seems to be loaded with a hard-wired
path for the XML.

Additionally, I'd like to be able to manage MyCustomValve from within
the GUI Administration application, so this support would be very,
very nice.

So, my questions are:

1.  Can I prevent the exception, and if so how ?
2.  Can I implement "something" to allow the Valve to be configured
     using the GUI, and if so what ?
3.  Is this just an error with TC 4.1.12 and is fixed in 4.1.16 ??

Thanks to anybody who can shed some light on these questions...

Cheers all,
	-- jon

Jon Eaves <>

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