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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Re: SUCCESS w. Tomcat execution!
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 06:43:38 GMT
Congratulations, I'm very happy for you. It's a great feeling
to achieve something you've struggled with for so long.

Seriously Steve, unless you are a sadist and a masochist then
please go and buy a book on Java Servlet development.

You'll make everybody, including yourself much happier and much
less likely to be snippy towards you.

If you've had that much trouble getting Tomcat running which I
must say basically installs without trouble, then I shudder to
think of the grief you're going to suffer when trying to debug
a Servlet or JSP page.

Maybe everybody on the list could chip in a get Steve an
Amazon voucher for a Servlet book ? I know it would save me
the cost of downloading all the "help me" messages. ;-)

	-- jon

Steve R Burrus wrote:
>  Yes, SUCCESS is what I have finally met with in trying/attempting to get Tomcat
> activated!!!  I make a "thunderous" declaration that I have finally done it, and
> of course I thank all those who helped me out, and that even includes Micael!!
> Now, I need some help with trying to see a JSP/Servlet in my browser, a long time
> problem with me!! I have just now installed Ant. Does that aid me in trying to get
> a JSP going or not?

Jon Eaves <>

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