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From "David Brown" <>
Subject Re: TC 4.1.12 auto re-deploy...revisited
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 18:19:07 GMT
Mark writes: 

> At 12/3/2002 09:09 AM, you wrote:
>> Mark writes:
>>> I have an expanded-war app where it will initially auto-deploy (ie. 
>>> expand the directories under /webapps), but not able to get it to hot 
>>> redeploy after changes are made. By 'hot', I mean automatically have a 
>>> new.war file re-expanded without restarting Tomcat.
>>> If I make changes to the app and create a new.war file, the only way I 
>>> can get it to re-deploy is if I remove the existing directory under 
>>> webapps then shutdown/restart Tomcat.  If I delete the directory and 
>>> move a new .war file into /webapps while TC is running, it's not 
>>> automatically expanded.  I've tried removing the app via the TC manager 
>>> first, but it still won't auto-deploy. If I simply rename the .war file 
>>> while it's in the /webapps directory, it's immediately deployed with the 
>>> new directory name w/o restarting TC.  In a nutshell, if I use the same 
>>> .war name, it won't redeploy unless I restart TC.  I'm using the 
>>> out-of-the-box server.xml, where unpackWARs="true" and autoDeploy="true" 
>>> for localhost.
>>> Is there no way to 'hot' deploy an existing app the way I'd like without 
>>> restarting Tomcat? I've looked at the documentation and searched the 
>>> archives/Internet. In almost all cases, the last step is to 'restart 
>>> Tomcat'.  My goal is to have automatic continuous-integration, including 
>>> auto-deployment. Having to manually restart TC each time throws a wrench 
>>> into that process.
>>> Thanks
>>> Mark
>>> --
>> Hello Mark, i u r using: http://localhost:8080/manager then this works 4 
>> me: http://localhost:8080/manager/remove?path=<webapp> and 
>> http://localhost:8080/manager/install?path=<webapp> where "<webapp>"

>> means ur application context generated from ur .war. u must "remove" then 
>> "re-install" using the /manager webapp and "hot" deploy works w/o 
>> bouncing tc. hope this helps, david
>> --
> Actually, this isn't working the way I thought it was/would.  By doing a 
> remove/install of the app, TC is running from the .war file vs. unpacking 
> the .war and running the app from the subdirectories.  This works, but (as 
> we discovered) if/when TC is restarted, the result is the 'old' version of 
> the app running from the subdirectory because we didn't remove it. 
> Maybe we're trying to mix-match or doing something real unconventional 
> (dumb), but the question/problem seems pretty straightforward: given a 
> previously-deployed unpacked app called 'myapp', can Tomcat refresh the 
> contents of the /webapps/myapp subdirectories automatically from a new 
> .war file? The only way we've been able to do that is to shutdown TC, 
> delete the /myapp directory and restart TC, allowing it to unpack the .war 
> and re-create the /myapp directory structure. 
> Based on what I've found, it looks like we should use one of these 2 
> methods for hot-deployment: 
> 1) Run the app from the .war vs. unpacking it, and use remove/install.
> 2) Replace changed files in the /myapp directory structure, and use 
> reload. 
> Both work but I'm curious what method is typically used/recommended, or 
> whether it's just personal preference.   Thanks. 
> --
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Hello Mark, acutally u need to do both 1 and 2 as i do but i guess i left 
out part of my automation process which is: ant. this little (no pun 
intended) but very powerful development tool is indespensible as part of my 
development structure. the ant tool basically automates the phsysicall 
removal of the "old" webapp directory as it completes the compile, 
generation and deployment of all my .ear, .war and .jar files. i run ant 
with 2 or more (depending on the depth of the webapp directories) build.xml 
files and 2 scripts namely: and (w/ controlling 
parms). these tools completely build or rebuild webapp/site, tear down the 
old and replace w/ the new and all is immediately accessible and tc never 
knows the difference. i can make edit changes or create whole new 
application contexts and webapp directory sites w/ these tools running all 
in the public no less (not so much brag i just can't afford a separate dev 
server). hope this helps, david. 

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