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From "David Brown" <>
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 17:19:36 GMT
karthikeyan.balasubramanian writes: 

> Hi All, 
>   I have sucessfully integarated Apache with Tomcat using WarpConnecter.  But how do
i go about from here to implement lots of Virtual Host for our clients.  I  need to setup
atleast 5 virtual hosts.  I couldnt actually figure a way to host 5 real domains with JSP
and Servlet support.   
>   What are all the changes I need to do in the Httpd.conf and Server.xml.  I dont want
to keep users folder under 
> TOMCATHOME/Webapps/UserContext it will be under /usr/home/users-home-directory. 
>   Can anybody help me out on this.  If somebody out here who have hosted some real domains
rather then localhost thing 
> please advice. 
>   Looking forward for yours response. 
> karthikeyan.

Hello, i'm hosting 4 public virtual domains. i am using mod_jk w/ apache and 
JkMount in httpd.conf and the ajp13 connector. i have many servlets, java 
beans and jsp running in different protected application context 
directories, jdbc connection to oracle, etc. this works 4 me. i know about 
the WarpConnector but have not used it. i have seen a lot of controversy on 
this ml about WarpConnector. maybe u could try the mail-archive to find out 
more or just keep trying here. hope this helps, david. 

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