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From Stephen Riek <>
Subject Re: Bezerk - tomcat calls JSP twice ?
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 03:53:25 GMT

Thanks for the reply Paul. 
> Might be the hangover - I get correct output when I follow your steps and 
> refresh with the parameter still in the URL and without too. I use Tomcat 
> 4.1.12.
> My output with the parameter in the URL:
> JSP PAGE DEBUGGING ************************************ 1
> JSP : request PARAMETER set in URL : helloworld
> JSP : pathSuffix : helloworld
> JSP PAGE DEBUGGING ************************************ 2
> JSP : request PARAMETER set in URL : helloworld
> JSP : pathSuffix : helloworld

Right, which is what I would expect, and what I used to get in my webapps.

I used Filters in my current webapp (which is exhibiting the bizarre behaviour) previously
and the Filters used RequestDispatchers. However, I've since removed the filters. 

OK, I just solved it - I completely deleted the "work" directory of Tomcat and restarted Tomcat
and now it seems to be working correctly. Sorry for the noise :(

Can I please check the following then,

If a Filter makes a call to a page using for example RequestDispatcher.forward("/Products/index.jsp"),
will that request dispatcher bypass any filters, or will it still be subject to all filter
rules ? 

Sorry for the noise. I don't know why I was getting the strange results. Even if a Filter
was being cached in 'work' (even after restarting Tomcat), it shouldn't have been called at
all because I'd removed all the Filter-mappings from web.xml




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