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From Steve R Burrus <>
Subject HELP!! Tomcat crashes on me!
Date Sun, 01 Dec 2002 21:42:19 GMT
 Hello all. I need some help w. Tomcat 4.1.12 simply CRASHING ON ME when I
try/attempt to activate the damned thing!!! Now, what in the hell could be
possibly causing this anyway??!!!

 I WAS using the version 4.1.16 of Tomcat for a little while before it too started
to crash on me. I might suggest a possible solution: delete and then write in
again all of the environment variables in the System settings. Does that "ring
true" with anyone out there or not? I mean, once I finally figured out how to "do"
those variables the correct way, then everything sort of fell into place and I
finally got Tomcat going, at least for while. Listen, this is a bit off topic, but
I was also wondering if anyone out there knows anything about Macromedia's JRun
Server or not and how to configure it to run properly? There are 3 kinds of
servers for it, the Default, the Examples, and the Admin. I got the Default server
up and running twice last nite, and the Admin server running once earlier today.
The folders for the 3 kinds of servers are C:\JRun4\servers\[admin, examples,
default], and if I could just go to work editing them the right way, then I could
get JRun running. 

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