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From Jerome "Lacoste (Frisurf)" <>
Subject Re: reducing tomcat & jasper memory footprint
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 10:42:50 GMT
On Tue, 2002-12-31 at 01:55, Julian Löffelhardt wrote:
> Hi,
> My problem isin't javac memory leakes. Due to the apache/tomcat
> documentation I was  aware of this an setup jikes as my jsp compiler. I'm
> also using JDK 1.4.1 so the javac issues should be solved, nonetheless.
> The main problem is as follows:
> 1. Every article & every page in general is a jsp page
> 2. All the pages are generated by a legacy CMS-System (imperia) and I can't
> change the structure of it's works.
> 3. Every jsp page, once loaded, consumes memory, since the class remains
> loaded.
> 4. We have 1000s of pages , every day some 200-300 new, so memory use
> increases.
> Conclusion:
> The way we use jsp's for a cms is faulty. But I can't do anything about
> this.
> Increasing permSize of the JVM helps a lot. Maybe it would be a good idea to
> include some hints about -XX:MaxPermSize and XX:PermSize into the
> documentation because it really helps lessen the problems.
> But:
> Is there any generic way to get a stable tomcat with huge number of jsp's ?

there was a thread on the developer list talking about thread pools and
expiration of web apps. I don't know about the state of this, but your
problem would probably be solved by this. 
If you could manage to make groups of webapps, let's say per day,
knowing that the servlets of a certain day never get used on the
following day, and if this thread webapp-cleaner was implemented, your
old webapps would get removed. You probably would be able to group your
jsps differently depending on your use.
Have a look at the thread named 
		Re: [PATCH] Re: ThreadPool
It's not yet there, but if it gets implemented, you can probably wait
using daily/nighly restarts of tomcat.
I don't see anything else if you don't have control of the content that
gets generated.


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