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From Naba Kumar <>
Subject Jakarta/tomcat crashing with MySQL
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 11:50:38 GMT
Hi all,

I have recently been facing a strange problem. Tomcat has been going
down along with MySQL and I can't find any log entries for this. Tomcat
is configured to use the mysql database for user and group verification.
Even if the backend mysql goes down, tomcat is not suppose to crash
(especially, without reporting anything in the log). Rather, it should
report an error page upon access and resume working when the database is

I thought may be it was a bug in the older version (4.0-dev) so I
upgraded tomcat to 4.1.18 (latest, I suppose), but the problem still

This crashing thing happens even when there is no access to the tomcat
server and there is no application installed. The server will simply go
down on it's own without reporting anything in the log.

Can someone please let me if it's know problem and how one can possibly
come around it? It's really annoying to restart tomcat every couple of
days (yes, my mysql has a problem, because of which it goes down too
frequently, but that should not in any way affect tomcat).

Thanks a lot.


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