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From Martin Kleberma├č <>
Subject Re: Mutliuser setup
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 14:17:36 GMT
As u run multiple instances of tomcat perhaps u can help me with my problem.

Because u use for every user an own tomcat prozess, with an own config file,
every process needs an extra shutdown Port, set in the
<Server> Tag ( or if not set it will be choosen automaticly .)  Am i right
that u cant switch this of or is there a way, so that Tomcat doenst use this
extra shutdown Port.
( Because with this shutdown Port every user needs 2 ports for Tomcat else
the user would only need 1)

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From: "Turner, John" <>
To: "'Tomcat Users List'" <>
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 2:37 PM
Subject: RE: Mutliuser setup

> There are two scenarios you have to consider:  running one Tomcat with
> multiple Contexts, with each user having their own Context with
> permissions, and running multiple Tomcats with single (or multiple)
> Contexts, with each user having their own instance of Tomcat and their own
> Contexts.
> If #1, you don't need CATALINA_BASE.  If #2, you need CATALINA_BASE.  You
> would set CATALINA_BASE to be equal to the directory that each user  uses
> for their applications and code.  CATALINA_HOME in scenario #2 would be
> equal to CATALINA_HOME in #1.
> The advantages of #1 are centralized control.  The disadvantages are that
> problem with one user's application may cause problems with the others,
> example, if Tomcat has to be restarted, all applications would be stopped
> instead of a particular user's application.
> The advantages of #2 are centralized but specific control.  Each user's
> Tomcat could be stopped, started, and managed without affecting any of the
> others.  The disadvantages of #2 are increased administration.
> We use #2.  Each user (client) has their own server.xml, their own Tomcat
> work directory, their own startup and shutdown scripts (like
> and and their own webapps directory.
> Tomcat can be managed, stopped, and started for each user without changing
> or effecting anything on the others.  There is only one CATALINA_HOME/bin
> directory, and only one CATALINA_HOME/lib directory.
> John

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