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From Julian Löffelhardt <>
Subject Re: tomcat,mod_jk & loadbalancing
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 16:31:48 GMT

> > - Another idea: We are operating a newspaper website, and
> > offering our users
> > to log into our system to get additional services.
> > Of course most people won't log in because they just want to read
> > the news.
> Depending on how you code your application you will configure accordingly.
> Are you using encodeURL()?  If not, your users are probably bouncing
> with each click even when they are not logged in.  In my opinion, you
> really maintain a session for each user whether they login or not.  This
> way, they won't be connecting to a new Tomcat thread with each click.  You
> can set the default session to expire in 3 mins or some other short time
> web.xml.  Then for those who logins, the web application expires in much
> longer period.  There were just posts covering this topic.  This should
> decrease your Tomcat threads.

We maintain our sessions using cookies.
Using some web stress tools, I also found out that the loadbalancer
sometimes has problems working small scale. it's not uncommon that it will
route 10-20 sequential requests (without sessionid) to the samr tomcat
instance. These requests then remain bound to this tomcat due to the sticky
session functionality (which is good).
I just hoped the load-balancer would distribute the requests more evenly
when most of the requests don't have a sessionid and thus aren't bound to a
specific tomcat instance.


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