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From "Jim Henderson" <>
Subject RE: I don´t understand the objective of this open list !
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 21:57:34 GMT
I think it an opportunity to sell updated books!  ;)

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From: Turner, John []
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 3:48 PM
To: 'Tomcat Users List'
Subject: RE: I don´t understand the objective of this open list !

I disagree.  There's lots of documentation out there.

It's just not blasted into peoples' faces, nor is it bound into a nice
little book and shrinkwrapped.  You have to go find it, and you have to read
it.  Most people are too lazy to do either, they want everything handed to


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> From: Mike DiChiappari []
> Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 4:37 PM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: I don´t understand the objective of this open list !
> I know the reason for this list - at least as it applies to Jakarta.
> It is meant to address the complete lack of adequate documentation
> for tomcat.  Of course, nobody can answer your questions.  The
> purpose of Jakarta is not to build useful software for "the rest of
> us".   It is to keep geeks happy, programming something (that may or
> may not be of use).  Documentation is only supplied for software when
> the builders of it are serious about wanting it to be used.
> Mike
> >Well, you have lots of answers now.
> >
> >At 08:40 AM 12/9/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> >>In 3 opportunities i wrote to this stuped (sorry) list, and NEVER i
> >>found help.
> >>I hope that the people that participates of this list, don´t have
> >>damages about
> >>other people that don´t belong´s at your countries.
> >>Thank´s for NOTHING.
> >>
> >>

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